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I've created a pair of piano presets for the Casio PX-5S intended for working professionals. These pianos are powerful, polished and gig-ready, perfect for rock, blues, funk/R&B, country and musical theater. Just drop them into a mix, no additional EQ required. They'll shout when you hit 'em hard, cutting through without overwhelming the mix (or irritating the bass player).


I've created similar piano presets on other platforms for big acts like Brian Wilson, Roger Waters, The Who, many of my Broadway shows and of course for my own gigs. Sound guys tend to love these as they fall right into place with minimal mixing. I've sent the pack to several friends of mine who are high profile players - so far the reactions have been quite positive. Click the image above for audio demos.


I'm offering this pack for $25. Hit the Contact button to the right, send me a message and I'll send a Paypal invoice. The pack includes four Stage Settings (two main piano sounds and a version of each with compressor added).


Here's a quick video with the Gig Piano stage setting in action (compressor enabled):

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