Unlock the PX-5S' s Potential, From Stage Piano to Orchestral Workstation!

Essential String Sounds: Slow, Medium, Marcato, Pizzicato, Tremolo, Solo/Quartet and Synth.


In my work on Broadway shows and touring rock acts I spend a lot of time with string samples, often surrounded by some of the world's finest string players, conductors and sound egineers. With the Pro Strings Pack I've combind this experieince with the PX-5S's synthesis tools to create a set of core strings most commonly used in musical theater and pop/rock. These presets speak clearly through just about any sound system and blend seamlessly with a variety of ensembles. They'll cut through a rock/pop mix, and can add bite and backbone when used to supplement virtual string libraries in a live performance.


LIMITED TIME REDUCED PRICE: $29.95 (reg $49.95) The Pro Strings Pack includes the seven sounds listed above (Stage Settings and Tones) plus three split/layer templates. Hit the contact button below, send a message and I'll send a Paypal invoice. [Click image above for audio demos.]