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Tools for Working Pros: I'm introducing an acoustic piano and Rhodes for the PC3/PC3K platform, gig-ready sounds designed to speak clearly in a mix with useful real-time controls assigned. Back when I worked for Kurzweil R&D I helped develop these instruments and designed many of their presets. Outside of Kurzweil I've been fortunate to have a chance to design sounds for major rock acts and Broadway shows; both sounds come directly from this work. [Click image above for audio demos.]


The Kurz Gig Piano combines various elements from programs I've created over the years for artists like Brian Wilson, Roger Waters and The Who and for Broadway shows like Evita and Phantom. The sound can be both full and/or bright, with separate controls for high, high-mid and low-cut EQ. The amazing quality of the on-board compressor and Kurzweil's powerful, precise sculpting tools allowed me produce a piano with a lot of punch when needed without losing subtlety and richness. (No external or KORE64 samples used.)


The Kurz Gig Rhodes was originally created for my friend Ruben Valtierra (who plays keys with Weird Al) for one of his outside projects. The sound was loosely modeled on Chick Corea's Rhodes rig, with a separate (louder) preamp for notes above a certain point (G4 on my version). So it's perfect for solos that step out in a mix backed by left-hand comping that doesn't overpower.


I incorporated the hard and soft strike Rhodes samples from the K-Series (included in the KORE64 ROM option). The additional soft strike was especially useful for creating a crisp bell-tone and for adding significant beef to notes in the upper register. Wah, chorus, amp distortion and reverb are all assigned to real-time controllers.


Please take a moment and check out Ruben's music! He's beyond brilliant, wish I could play one tenth as well as this cat.


Bonus Sounds! As a bonus I've decided to include two analog synth type programs I created for The Who. The song for which they were intended was ultimately cut from their set list, so they were never used outside of rehearsals. Gig Lead is a smooth monophonic lead with an expressive "swell" assigned to the mowheel. Gig Polysynth is classic and warm, handy for comping or creating a fat analog backdrop behind solos and vocals. I tried to infuse old school 1970s vibe and atmosphere into these. The resulting sounds are quite versatile, equally handy for classic material like Pink Floyd or Vangelis but also for modern analog-flavored electronic music.


While these sounds are intended for PC3 and PC3K, they will work in all current Kurzweil pro keyboards. (Forte, Artis, PC3, PC3K/A, PC3LE, SP4, SP5) Due to OS differences, many of the controller assignments do not work in the SP4. For boards without the KORE64 expansion or samples, I have a version of the Gig Rhodes that does not require KORE64 samples.


I'm offering this pack for $40. Hit the Contact button to the right, send me a message and I'll send a Paypal invoice.

[Click image above for audio demos.]


























                                                      Gig Rhodes with Wah effect on CC pedal

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