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Get Your Mojo Workin'


With dual waterfall manuals, two sets of drawbars and an array of dedicated controls, the Mojo delivers the ultimate clone-wheel playing experience. Under the hood is the acclaimed GSi VB3 Version II engine, brimming with vintage character and unparalleled realism. The Mojo's twenty two distinct tonewheel models cover every iconic flavor, complementing spot-on emulations of percussion, key-click, vibrato/chorus and drawbar foldback.


For advanced editing features, simply connect a monitor and USB mouse--and gain access to a host of detailed parameters including virtual mic distance/angle, percussion decay, click length and cabinet resonance.


Nearly as imressive as the Mojo's sounds and features are its weight (37 lbs) and price tag ($2299).  Contact for more info and ordering. Customers in the New England area are welcome to visit my studio outside of Boston to audition a Mojo in person.




The Mojo61 provides the same amazing clone-wheel engine in a sturdy, elegant single-manual enclosure. Works beautifully as a "top board" for players whose rigs are anchored by a stage piano like Kurzweil Forte or Casio PX-5S on the bottom. A surprisingly low price tag ($1499) and manageable weight (24 lbs) make the Mojo61 a compelling bang-for-buck value, a worthwhile addition to any pro rig.

Free Shipping
VIP Support

I provide free shipping and one on one support. In addition to answering pre-sales questions, I'll personally help get you up and running. Click image for sale inquiries.

Specs and Info

GSi VB3 Version II, Dual waterfall 61-note manuals, 22 tonewheel models, 2 sets of 9 drawbars, percussion and chorus/vibrato controls, direct monitor screen and USB mouse hook-up, balanced outs. Click image for more specs and info.

Keyboard Magazine Review

"As to all those details that we B-3 nuts love to analyze—tone and correct triggering of harmonic percussion, drawbar foldback, vibrato/chorus authenticity, key click, and so on—the Mojo gets an A+ in every subject.... Possibly the best onboard rotary simulation we’ve yet heard. Oozes warmth and soul. Inspiring to play."


~Stephen Fortner, Keyboard Magazine


Click image for full review.

Mojo61 Specs

GSi VB3 Version II, single waterfall 61-note manual, internal Wi-Fi for connecting to editor on smartphone/tablet/computer, 9 drawbars, percussion and chorus/vibrato controls. Click image for more specs and info.


High quality accessories, including cases (hard cases and gig bags), half-moon switch, pedals and stands. Click image for more info.

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