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For thirteen years it was my great pleasure to be part of the Kurzweil R&D team. I helped spec and design many of these products and designed many of their preset sounds.


These are serious keyboards, serious tools for serious musicians. Most of the high profile acts with whom I've worked use them. All of the Broadway shows I've worked on use them. The combination of sounds and features that appeals to the pros is also what makes these boards incredibly fun and satisfying for anyone to play. 


The Kurzweil Forte and Forte7 now offer the best sounds in the industry, priced lower than competing boards like Montage, Kronos and Nord Stage. The Forte features  stunning new multi-GB samples: Steinway and Yamaha pianos, Rhodes 73 and 77, Wurlitzer, Clavinet (all pickup settings), French Harpsi, Glock and Celeste. It can also load any sound from the 1000+ sounds in the PC3 and KORE 64 sound sets. My Forte customers also receive a custom sound set with Gig-Ready Pianos, Broadway Strings, improved basses, improved KB3 organs, and synth sounds that I created for The Who's current  2015/26 tour. 


Kurzweil has recently trasnformed the Forte from "Stage Piano" to "Workstation" with OS updates that added full programmability, 3GB of user sample memory and piano string resoance. It's by far the best bang-for-buck value in the industry. Click image for more info on the Forte. Click top image for Kurzweil website, with full specs on all products.


Please contact for pricing, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

"Dave Weiser went above and beyond when my Kurzweil PC3X developed an issue just before the Breslov Bar Band was to record our first album. From personally following up with tech support, to offering to loan me a PC3 for the sessions if the issue wasn’t resolved, Dave made me feel that my concerns were his.

His personalized attention and genuine concern for his clients, as well as his deep technical knowledge of all things Kurzweil, which can be seen online in his numerous posts on various Kurzweil-related sites, means that you can count on him to make sure you'll not only get the right gear, but will also have the support you need after purchase."


Binyomin Ginzberg

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