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Under the hood of the PX-5S are the building blocks and tools one would need to create a set of world-class bass presets: quality samples, detailed amplitude and filter control, insert effects like amp sim and compression and six Hex Layers of detailed synthesis to emulate all of the bumps and thumps of the real thing. The Pro Bass Pack brings these elements together with a set of core, iconic electric and acoustic bass presets that sound and feel decidedly musical.


Sonically, each sound has been sculpted to sit well in a mix, providing power in the frequency ranges where you need it. Feel-wise, they're set up to feel just right with the PX's action. Each preset includes subtle touches that boost realism in a huge way: muted thumps mapped to the lowest notes, harmonics above middle C and optimized velocity switches. Click image for audio demos.


The Sounds:


JPJ/Motown - Classic flat-wound with a hint of overdrive in the style of James Jamerson and John Paul Jones. The small bit of distortion is quickly absorbed in any mix, leaving behind a warm, punchy sound that works well in a variety of styles.


Rock Finger - A brighter round-wound rock bass with clarity and distinct finger sound.


Fat Slap - Standard slap bass with mutes/thumps and plenty of low end.


Jaco - Fretless with chorus and amp simulator, ala Jaco Pastorius, with harmonics above middle C, and a slight mid-range boost. (The chorus is provided by the Stage Setting included with the pack.)


Upright Snap - Acoustic bass with knocks, thumps and a slight mid-range boost.


Deep Upright - Full bodied upright with plenty of low end and a few snaps and thumps, mostly stays out of the mid-range.


Get Lucky - Punchy fingered bass with strong low end, tight compression and a hint of finger/fret noise.


Sugar Snap - Classic Mutron slap bass sound ala Bootsy Collins. Nice balance between lows and mids.


Brite Slap - A more aggressive slap with a metallic edge, ala Flea. Cuts through a dense mix.


Deep Fretless - Full toned fretless with strong low end, chorus, harmonics and a mid-range that sings.



The Pro Bass Pack is $29.95 and includes ten Tones plus one Stage Setting. Hit the Contact button to the right, send me a message and I'll send a Paypal invoice. No Paypal account needed, easy to pay with a credit card.


Click image above for audio demos.

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